5 Reasons Why You Aren’t Winning Tenders for Roofing Work

Published16th June 2022 AuthorJohn Hudson

Trying to win tenders for roofing work? Here’s why you aren’t seeing success…

Are you having trouble trying to win tenders for roofing work? Perhaps you want to know where to find such contracts. At Construction Tenders, we want to help you find solutions. So, in this blog, we will tell you five reasons why you aren’t winning tenders. Stick around to learn how to see success!

1.    You aren’t using relevant case studies

When you are out to tender, you need to show the buyer you know what you’re talking about. It is important to use case studies in your proposal to showcase your experience, but they need to be relevant. If you aren’t considering how relevant your case studies are, this may be what is costing you.

How to improve:

To improve your chances of success, you should start critically thinking about your case studies. These should always relate to the contract you are bidding for, in one way or another.

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2.    You aren’t submitting bids of the highest quality

This tender for roofing work tip goes for all tenders. Your bid should be as close to perfect as possible. That is one way you will stand out from the other suppliers. Even if you think your bid is error-free, the buyer may pick up on mistakes you might have missed. If you aren’t taking the time to perfect your tender, then this will be affecting your score.

How to improve:

Before you submit, you should thoroughly proofread and edit the bid proposal. This way, you can rectify even the smallest of errors. Read it several times, even with breaks in between, to give you the highest chance of noticing mistakes. You could also ask others to proofread it so that they can tell you if anything doesn’t sound right.

3.    You missed the deadline

When it comes to a tender for roofing work, the deadlines are incredibly strict. Your bid MUST be submitted before the deadline, or you will not be considered. This includes instances where you may be one or two minutes late. Late means late and it will not be counted! Don’t risk your work being all for nothing by not submitting it on time.

How to improve:

With bid management skills, you can stay on track of your tender for roofing work. You’ll be able to organise the workload and workforce to ensure the bid is done well before the deadline. This also leaves some time in case of any unforeseen technical issues.

4.    You aren’t checking eligibility before bidding

It might surprise you just how many people bid for contracts they cannot deliver. In many cases, a business or organisation will tender for work they aren’t eligible for. This is a complete waste of time on everyone’s part. It is often why many buyers hold an initial stage of a PQQ (pre-qualification questionnaire). This is a way that they can filter ineligible suppliers without wasting time reviewing their full bid.

How to improve:

If you aren’t reading all the tender documents, then you might be bidding for contracts outside of your scope. This could be anything from not having the workforce to deliver the contract in time, or the sufficient annual turnover. Before you bid, make sure you are reading ALL the tender documents. Even if it’s 100 pages or more. Note down any important details. Check that you have the skills, experience, qualifications, accreditations, and workforce to deliver the contract.

5.    Your costs are inaccurate

Pricing is a big part of a bid. If you get these wrong, the buyer won’t award you the contract. In the construction industry, inaccurate pricing is the most common mistake.

How to improve:

Calculate your costs carefully! As we previously touched on, you need your bid to be as close to perfect as possible. So, every aspect of your bid proposal has to be carefully conducted.


So, that’s a wrap on our blog about tender for roofing work. Here’s the five reasons that might be affecting your tendering:

1.    You aren’t using relevant case studies

2.    You aren’t submitting bids of the highest quality

3.    You missed the deadline

4.    You aren’t checking eligibility before bidding

5.    Your costs are inaccurate.

If you want further advice about tenders for roofing work, contact us and chat to our consultants. We are always happy to help!

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Examples of tenders for roofing work found on our portal

Ramsey Grammar School East, Phase 1 Replacement Flat Roof

Isle of Man Government – International – Budget: Undisclosed

Bunscoill Rhumsaa, Replacement Perspex to Canopy Roofs

Isle of Man Government – International – Budget: Undisclosed

Roof Repairs

St. Joseph’s Secondary School (Rush) – Republic of Ireland – Budget: Undisclosed

Roofing Replacement Programme 2022-2027

Onward Group Limited – North West– Budget: – £6,000,000

Summer Works Scheme 2022 – Glanmire Community College – Roof Works

Cork Education and Training Board – Republic of Ireland – Budget: Undisclosed

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