The 5 Most Common Types of Structural Engineering Tenders You Could Win

Published10th June 2022 AuthorJohn Hudson

Are you aware of the types of structural engineering tenders you can bid for?

Knowing the type of structural engineering tenders buyers procure is a good starting point when finding new opportunities. In this blog, we have listed the five most common types of structural engineering tenders out there.

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The 5 most common types of structural engineering tenders you can source:

  1. Building

You will find that structural engineering tenders for buildings, is the most common type of tender you can source. The contracts involve working on the design and construction of the building so that it is structurally sound. This could be anything from a new build housing project to office buildings, to skyscrapers.

  1. Aeronautical

Structural engineering tenders within this sector can refer to both the vessels and the associated equipment (i.e., satellites). Services will involve ensuring the structure is stable, but also ensuring that it can operate consistently under the right conditions. Aeronautical structural engineering tenders will usually be based in airports or airfields. Anywhere that uses aircraft vessels. This could even mean space vessels.

  1. Nautical

These tenders could be for passenger vessels, cargo ships or even submarines. Basically, any vessels that are used out at sea. However, it could also include other structures that are associated with nautical vessels, such as wind-turbines. This could be design and building-associated equipment to support the vessels out at sea.

  1. Oil and Gas

Structural engineering tenders within the oil and gas industry can involve different projects/services. This could be pipework, working on a rig, or in the gas/oil field. Quite typically, working in this industry usually means working on quite a large structure. The projects will be big and require a lot of time. It could include anything from designing, testing, and inspecting equipment, to general maintenance and building work.

  1. Bridges

Structural engineering tenders here could include the designing of the bridge, inspection of the bridges, or building the structure. It will require you to ensure that the bridge works effectively in the environment it is built for. Ensuring it can withstand the required loads and is safe for use.


There are five common types of structural engineering tenders that you can bid for. These are:

  • Building
  • Aeronautical
  • Nautical
  • Oil and gas
  • Bridges

You may find that your services can crossover into different sectors. You will need to establish what you and your business can provide, and where your services lie. From there, you can then begin to source new structural engineering tenders.

Where can I find structural engineering tenders?

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Here are just seven past structural engineering tenders we have sourced on our portal:

Structural Works at 24 St Peters Road, Whitby

Beyond Housing – Yorkshire – Budget: £35,000

Structural & Civil Engineering Consultant at Corby College

Bedford College – Eastern – Budget: £100,000

ESPH SB Civil and Structural Engineer Services for Bexhill Town Hall Renaissance Project (ESPH494)

Rother District Council – South East – Budget: £100,000

Structural Engineer Enquiry – Heanor Hub – Southeast Derbyshire College

Amber Valley Borough Council – East Midlands – Budget: £200,000

Civil Structural Engineering Services for Additional Accommodation at Brideswell NS, Brideswell, Athlone, Co. Roscommon, Ireland

Brideswell National School – Republic of Ireland – Budget: £1,580,000

CP7 Eastern Region Renewals and Minor Enhancements

Network Rail Infrastructure Ltd – London – £4billion

Framework Agreement for the Provision of Aeronautical Engineering Technical Manpower Augmentation

Ministry of Defence – West Midlands – Budget: Undisclosed

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