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3 Myths You’ll Hear When You Tender for Building Work

11th May 2021

Don’t fall for these myths when you tender for building work

We often get asked a lot of questions surrounding how to tender for building work. A lot of businesses seem to have misconceptions about what’s required and expected when bidding. Tendering for work can help secure a pipeline of work for your business.

Myth 1: “Only big construction companies can tender for building work”

This is a common myth that is constantly floating around the procurement industry. However, this simply is not true and if you’re an SME you shouldn’t be put off by tendering for work. In fact, the government has addressed this issue. They have the aim of levelling the playing field between SMEs and big corporations.

The government has a pledge to spend £1 in every £3 with SMEs by 2022. This means that public sector organisations are actively looking to award contracts to smaller businesses. Moreover, they have social value targets to promote local SMEs to tender for local opportunities.

This means if you’re an SME, you have a good chance of securing a contract for work. Once you’ve secured one tender for building work, you can build up your experience and grow your company. More contracts mean more experience, which leads you to being able to compete for bigger contracts.

Myth 2: “You have to search hundreds of websites daily to find tenders for building work”

Yes, this can be true, but only if you’re not utilising a smart tracking tool. You don’t have to trawl through hundreds of different websites daily to source the right opportunity for your business. You should be using a site that hosts industry-specific unique, public and private tendering opportunities. The best tender websites won’t rely on CPV codes to track construction leads.

Manually sourcing and uploading opportunities allows for the most relevant tenders to be found. You can filter these results via keyword, budget and location allowing you to find the perfect tender for your business. Construction Tenders is one centralised, easy-to-navigate portal that does all of the above and more.

Below are previous tenders for building work sourced on our portal:

Holbeach Refurbishment Project

The Police & Crime Commissioner for Lincolnshire- East Midlands- Budget: £300,000

Repairs Subcontractor Framework

Great Places Housing Group- North West- Budget: Undisclosed

L Block L0.07 Science Lab Refurbishment

University of Bedfordshire- Eastern- Budget: Undisclosed

Flat Roof Repairs – Niarbyl

Isle of Man Government- International- Budget: Undisclosed

M&E & Building Works Magma Lab

Cardiff University- Wales- Budget: Undisclosed

 What’s included in a 12-month subscription to Construction Tenders 

  • All unique, public and private opportunities across the construction sector.
  • An on-hand Account Manager to answer any questions you may have about how to tender for building work.
  • A daily email bulletin sent straight to your inbox when new construction tenders are uploaded that day.
  • Discounted support from Hudson Succeed, our bid writing division.
  • 20-minutes for free consultancy with one of our Bid Writers each month.

The best way to venture into the tendering world is through booking a live demo of Construction Tenders.

We also source opportunities for services including;

Get in touch to find out how we can help your business grow.

Myth 3: “The cheapest bid always wins”

It may have been true back in the day that the cheapest bid wins, however, that’s no longer the case. Not in public sector procurement anyway. This could very well be the case if tendering in the private sector. This is because private buyers are not bound by the same rules and regulations as the public sector.

In the public sector, the contract is awarded to the most economically advantageous tender. This is known as the MEAT and it means the buyer is looking at more than just price. They are looking for the tender that provides the most value for money. They’ll be looking at a combination of factors including, but not limited to:

  • Innovation
  • Technical ability
  • Quality
  • Price
  • Environmental factors
  • Ability to deliver on time
  • Sustainability
  • Accessibility
  • Social value.

Due to this, the quality of your written response counts, not just the price. Although, pricing your services right is important. You don’t want to undercut your competitors. A buyer won’t be best pleased if you under-price your services on your bid then go over budget on site. Therefore, it’s best to price your services competitively, but not overly cheap for the sake of it.

Need assistance when looking to tender for building work? 

You don’t always have the time or resources to write a winning tender response for construction contracts in-house. Outsourcing to bid writing experts can help optimise your chances of success. They know what buyers are looking for in your tender response and how to best convey it.

Our sister company, Hudson Succeed, offers four levels of bid writing support services. They boast an 87% success rate and have over 60 years of bid writing experience. Whether you’re completely new to tendering, or need your response proofread before you submit, we can help. We offer:

Upgrade to Discover Elite

Upgrading to Discover Elite can save you even more time, helping you identify tendering opportunities even when you’re busy. Our two time-saving tools can improve your competitor awareness and bidding success rate. Each package can help save you even more time when you tender for building work.

The Ultimate Time Saver package includes:

  • An annual subscription to a maximum of two Hudson Discover sector-specific portals. This option best suits a business that overlaps two industries such as Construction and Logistics for example.
  • A maximum of five tender breakdowns per month.
  • Pre-market and award engagement notices monitored on your behalf.
  • Buyer portal management including registration, password management, downloading documents and assessing viability based on your bid or no-bid.
  • Weekly phone calls with your on-hand Account Manager to discuss viable construction tendering opportunities.

The Become a Pre-Bid Master package includes:

  • All of the above.
  • Up to seven tender breakdowns per month.
  • Bid Strategy delivered by a Senior Bid Manager with a minimum of 5 years of experience. It will also be managed by our Global Bid Director.

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