A Guide to Government Flooring Contracts

22nd February 2021

Everything you need to write tenders for government flooring contracts Government flooring contracts often involve the provision, supply and installation…

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Road Safety Contracts: What to Expect & Where to Find Them

19th February 2021

A guide to road safety contracts and where to find them Road safety contracts are constantly being released and large…

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Finding Success with Infrastructure Tenders

15th January 2021

Infrastructure Tenders: providing the answers to your commonly asked questions  How does tendering work? Infrastructure tenders are published by a…

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8 Things to Consider When Applying for Architectural Tenders

12th January 2021

A guide to architectural tenders What is an architectural tender? Architectural tenders are an invitation to submit a bid in…

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Excavation Tenders: Checklist for Bids

7th December 2020

Finding Excavation Tenders Excavation tenders can help your excavation company grow to new heights (or should we say new depths?)….

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How Easy is it to Secure Quantity Surveying Tenders?

4th December 2020

Quantity surveying tenders – the importance of securing a pipeline Quantity surveying tenders are a great way to secure new…

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Good News for Roofing Tenders: How to Make the Most of the New Green Scheme.

2nd December 2020

Roofing Tenders Set to Soar Under PM’s Green Scheme – Here’s How to Make the Most of Investments. There’s good…

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How To Find Painting Contracts Available Near You.

30th November 2020

There are plenty of painting contracts available! Here’s how to find them. Are there many painting contracts available right now?…

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5 Benefits of eTenders Construction Businesses Should Know About

27th November 2020

Why are eTenders construction’s best friend? In construction, eTenders are simply procurement processes which occur entirely online, through online documentation…

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5 Tips for Quoting Accurate Tender Rates in Construction Bids

25th November 2020

Tender Rates in Construction Tender rates in construction are essentially the rates, or pricing, presented by the contractor at the…

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