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Published15th January 2021 AuthorJohn Hudson

Infrastructure Tenders: providing the answers to your commonly asked questions 

How does tendering work?

Infrastructure tenders are published by a wide range of buyers, from public authorities to private organisations. Tendering for work creates an opportunity for you to secure contracts which can better establish your business. But how does tendering actually work?

The good news is infrastructure tenders are not a completely foreign concept. Large infrastructure projects often feature a principle organisation that manages the overall project. But for the work included within the project, you can find hundreds of subcontractors providing different resources and services. Infrastructure tenders are similar in that this principle organisation is searching for a subcontractor. They may be looking for a single contractor to undertake a project. They could even require a number of suppliers to provide services as part of a framework agreement. Either way, there is a need for specific works to be completed.

Is now a good time to bid for infrastructure tenders?

With the global pandemic leaving many businesses struggling, is now the time to tender for work?

If you follow our Hudson Insight Series, you will already know the advantages of tendering for work. From gaining experience to making new contacts, tendering is a fantastic way to grow your business.

The current climate may not have had as much impact on tendering as you would first think. Throughout the lockdowns in the UK, Construction Tenders has been uploading a record number of opportunities.

Recent infrastructure tenders we sourced include:

Infrastructure Works Between Pelaw and Bede Stations, Collectively Forming the Metro Flow Programme

Nexus- North East- Budget: Undisclosed


WCCC20-443 – Supply, Delivery and Installation of Bus Infrastructure Portlaw, Co. Waterford

Waterford City and County Council- International- Budget: Undisclosed


SBC – Project 1692 – Construction of a New Train Halt, Platform and Associated Structural Works on Southend Pier

Southend-on-Sea Borough Council- South East- Budget: £ 500,000


Energy Recovery Facility (\’ERF\’) Construction Works including all Buildings, Infrastructure and Works for the North London Heat and Power Project (\’NLHPP\’)

North London Waste Authority- London- Budget: £ 683,000,000


Gas Sub Duct Infrastructure Project

Lancaster University- North West- Budget: £ 200,000


It is important to note that the public sector may end up putting more funding into infrastructure tenders. Insight from the International Monetary Fund has revealed:

Low-interest rates globally also signal that the time is right to invest. Savings are plenty, the private sector is in waiting mode, and many people are unemployed and able to take up jobs created through public investment. Private investment is depressed, owing to acute uncertainty on the future of the pandemic and the economic outlook. Thus, in many countries, the time is now to undertake high-quality public investment in priority projects. It can be done by borrowing at low cost.”

By increasing public spending with infrastructure tenders, the UK economy will benefit in the long-term. Infrastructure alone is essential for enabling high productivity in an economy. Now is the time to bid for infrastructure tenders.

Are you facing these common problems? – We have a solution.

Like anything business-related, it can’t always be smooth sailing. Bidding for infrastructure tenders can be time-consuming and stressful, to say the least. Although the benefits of tendering far outweigh the drawbacks, you may find yourself stuck and questioning how to move forward.

Our team of bid writers at Hudson Succeed know the strains that bidding for an infrastructure tender can bring. With an 87% success rate, our team have worked tirelessly to perfect their bidding strategy. If you’ve ever asked yourself one of these questions, Hudson Succeed has an easy and convenient solution.

Why is tendering so time-consuming?

Where do I start with tendering?

How can I be more efficient with infrastructure tenders?

Our Solution: Create a bid library and get Tender Ready

When you are first looking into tendering as part of your business plan, the process can appear longwinded. Once you have your head around what the buyer is asking, you have to submit a bid. With pre-qualification questionnaires, case studies, CV’s, and policies to create for each bid, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

If your bidding process is leaving you feeling this way, we have some good news.

Although each bid will have to be bespoke for the tender, you don’t have to start from scratch each time. Supporting documents such as case studies, CV’s and policies can be used for each bid. Once you have created these documents make sure you keep them filed in your “bid library”. This bid library will act as a base for each tender. It is comprised of a collection of documents and perfected responses used within your bidding strategy. It is important to note these documents may need a slight adjustment to suit the tender. However, having the base can save a lot of time. Ultimately having this bid library in place can save time, effort and improve your overall bidding efficiency.  

How can Hudson Succeed help me to get Tender Ready?

For support with your bid library try our Tender Ready programme. This is one of our most popular services as it ensures that you have everything in place to tender successfully.

This includes:

  • A 12-month Discover subscription to Construction Tenders.

This service provides you with access to all infrastructure tenders within the UK. With this, you receive a dedicated account manager and daily notifications via email of opportunities suited to you.

  • The development of an organisation-wide bid library

This includes developing new bid-specific content ranging from 3 Case Studies, 5 CVs and 8 policies. We provide a templated library for your team to manage all content easily when it comes to bidding.  We arrange all of your company credentials, undertaking a full bid library audit, and provide advice and guidance.

  • 3 days’ worth of bid consultancy: You can choose from one of the following options:

  1. 3 days of bid consultancy support towards one tender, private sector proposal or public sector framework.
  2. A bespoke proposal covering up to 5,000 words of boilerplate responses accustomed to your company. This is fully editable and designed on Microsoft Word.
  3. 3 days Bid consultancy, coaching and training with Hudson’s senior team.
  • Access to Global Bid Directors and Senior Bidding Professionals with over 40 years of bidding experience.
  • Support from dedicated bid consultants with the programme lasting up to 3 months.

To summarise, the Tender Ready package is an investment in your successful tendering journey.

Why have I not been successful in securing infrastructure tenders?

How do I improve my bid strategy?

What can I take away from my feedback?

The solution: Use your feedback to improve your bidding strategy.

Discovering you have been unsuccessful in securing an infrastructure tender can leave you feeling disheartened. As we have previously discussed, tendering can be a lengthy process. Not seeing results despite the time spent during the process can be difficult to process. To keep moving forward you must ask for feedback on the unsuccessful bid. Make sure you are aware of the strengths and weaknesses within your bid writing and use it to your advantage. With a few minor tweaks, you can find yourself seeing more success.

How can Hudson Succeed help me to improve?

Via Hudson Succeed we provide a Tender Improvement package. With this, we carry out full reviews on any unsuccessful tenders. By analysing previous tenders and giving bespoke feedback, you will have a clear understanding of how to improve your strategy. Similar to Tender Ready, you will also receive consultancy time and a 12-month subscription to Construction Tenders. This package will ultimately help you to improve your strategy and secure your chosen infrastructure tenders.

How can I get some confidence in producing a tender?

Where can I get an extra pair of eyes to look at my tender?

What can I do to produce an error-free bid? 

The Solution: Proofread your bid and get a Tender Mentor

When you are working tirelessly on an infrastructure tender, it can be difficult to notice small mistakes. Even when working within a team, errors often go unnoticed and can have detrimental effects on your bid. To find and correct these errors, you will need to enlist the help of a qualified proof-reader. However, finding someone who has the time and experience to proofread your tender can be a task in itself.

Can Hudson Succeed mentor me through the bidding process?

Our team at Hudson Succeed have over 40 years’ worth of experience in creating successful bids. They know better than anyone the importance of having an extra pair of eyes to look over your bid. Our Tender Mentor service was created with this in mind. With this service, you will not only have your work proofread but also get vital guidance. This guidance will ensure your bid for an infrastructure tender is perfected. Our team has experience in securing infrastructure tenders from a variety of sectors. They know how to make your business stand out from the crowd and produce an error-free bid. But most importantly, they know what it takes to secure a construction contract in the UK. 

Do I have the time to write this tender?

How do I ensure I secure this tender?

Who can I outsource this process to?

Solution: Enlist the help of professional Bid Writers

If you don’t have the time or resources to create construction bids in-house then look no further than Hudson Succeed. Our Tender Writing Service is used by clients who require bid support on a more ad-hoc basis. When you outsource this process to our team you will receive a fully developed bid submission. Our team are trusted by over 700 businesses globally and they proudly hold an 87% bid success rate. Maybe don’t have the capabilities to produce a bid. You may even want to make sure you secure an important bid. Whatever your dilemma is, Tender Writing is the perfect service for you!

Where can I find infrastructure tenders?

If you would like access to all available infrastructure tenders within the UK, then look no further than Construction Tenders! Our subscription service provides you with everything you need to discover construction leads and your perfect tender. Alongside the tenders you will also receive:

  • A dedicated account manager
  • Daily email bulletins with infrastructure tenders uploaded that day
  • Telephone support with Hudson Helpline
  • Discounted bid support with Hudson Succeed
  • And much more!

At Construction Tenders, we source opportunities for;

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